Smoothies and Juices

#EssentialRecipe => Raspberry Smoothie


-1 Cup raspberries

-1 Large banana

-3/4 Cup cashew milk (or almond milk or regular milk)

-2 Tbsp healthy smoothie mix

-About 1 cup of ice



Put all the ingredients in a blender, but only half the ice. Add the rest only you prefer your smoothie thinner.

Add maple syrup to sweeten if necessary.


Voila! Raspberry smoothie.

#EssentialRecipe => Papaya and Lime Smoothie

This smoothie is SOOOO good. Perhaps my favorite. If you have the time, make your own carrot juice. It makes such a difference especially if your use fresh garden carrots. 


-1 Small papaya about 2 cups

-1 Banana

-2 tsp sliced ginger

-1 Lime, freshly juiced

-1/2 Cup coconut milk

-1/2 Cup carrot juice

-2 Tbsp healthy smoothie mix



Put all the ingredients into a blender and blend until creamy.

Add coconut sugar if needed

*In the summer, I like to freeze the papaya and banana before hand.


#EssentialRecipe => Carrot Juice

#EssentialRecipe => Cherry Smoothie

The type of morning smoothie I make is entirely based on what we have on hand! I always freeze greens, celery, sprouts, etc before they go bad. When it comes to fruit, I buy what's in season or at a really good deal in the frozen section. 


-2 Cups cherries

-1 Medium banana

-6 Frozen cranberries 

-1 Cup almond milk

-2 Tbsp healthy smoothie mix

-3 Ice cubes

*I had some sprouts in the freezer and added about 1/4 cup of that, but it is not necessary. 




#EssentialRecipe => Healthy Smoothie Mix

This is one of the secret to our daily smoothies. The more I educate myself on health and nutrition, the more I find all these wonder ingredients that are difficult to add constantly into our daily diet. No matter which kind of smoothie we make, we always add 2 to 3 Tbsp of this healthy mix.



-1/2 Cup ground flax seeds

-1/2 Cup whole flax seeds

-1/2 Cup hemp hearts

-1/4 Cup chia seeds

-2 Tbsp grounded cinnamon

-2 Tbsp spirulina

-1 Tbsp ground turmeric (add more if you like the taste, but I...